About Sophie

Who Is Sophie?

Sophie is the creator of the immensely popular “Ma Belle Lune” all natural bath and body care line. Her friends describe her as a warm, creative spirit. She can often be found in her kitchen, creating healing products and skillfully blending essential oils for her latest body products. Her goal has always been to keep her line affordable. She feels that good, quality skincare does not have to be expensive.

Her little girl, Luna was born with sensitive skin and allergies to the harsh chemicals found in store-bought products. So she set out to create products that were chemical-free, natural and organic. That’s how Ma Belle Lune was born. The adorable logo and company name are based after her daughter who she loves "to the moon and back."

She firmly believes that going back to natural ways is better for our bodies. The chemicals in our environment can be very toxic to our system. As word spread of her amazing product line, she was asked to sell in various stores. Now her products are available in stores, various festivals, and online! She is happy to be able to share her expertise and fully customizable product line with you!